May 242011

Kerrisdale Play Palace Bouncer  Kerrisdale Play Palace Bouncer  Kerrisdale Play Palace Bouncer  

I’m happy to say that, my beloved Play Palace is open for business. Every year around May, they remove the ice from the Kerrisdale Arena and start inflating…some FUN!

This venue is the perfect place to beat the heat (or get out of the rain…depending on how the summer goes). This year, a new array of bouncy fun has been added to the menu. No longer do kids have to jump on equipment that is skilfully held together by the almighty duct tape. Four new pieces of bouncy equipment “light” up the space. An obstacle course with slide, a pirate-themed bouncer with slide, a super duper slide structure with a central staircase and 4 slides, plus a very cute bouncer for the preschool area…another pirate theme (I guess there was a sale on pirates…what’s a princess to do?). The changes are fantastic.

I wonder if they will rotate any of the older items into the line-up (supposedly, they’re still in storage). The only item I will miss is the big, yellow, tube-like apparatus. Kids would climb up a tube, enter a transparent “bubble” and slide out the other side. Now that’s fun and unique (and reminiscent of a gerbil habitat I had as a kid). If bouncers don’t do it for your child, direct them toward the foosball tables, PlasmaCars or playhouses.

After an energetic play session, you can head to one of the Little Tike plastic picnic tables near the entrance to eat your packed lunch or…do what I do…walk out the front door and veer left 20 paces and go to McDonalds…shameful but true.

If you are thinking of making the Play Palace part of your routine, consider purchasing a “10 ticket strip“. It will save you $8 on 10 visits for a preschooler.

Thank you Play Palace and my very, very fair son thanks you too…we’ll be seeing you a lot in August!

Play Palace Drop-in Schedule
Open 7 days per week between May 2-September 1, 2011

All Statutory Holidays – July 1 (Canada Day) & Aug 1 (BC Day)
Open from 9:30-1:30pm only for all ages play

Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena
5670 East Boulevard Vancouver, BC
(Corner of East Boulevard and 41st, behind McDonalds)
Phone: 604-257-8121

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