May 102010

Publishing this picture is my punishment for not taking a decent picture of the park. Once I get one this will be replaced. I'm a weenie.

During one of our rare trips to Burnaby, we stumbled upon “park greatness”. Three adults and a toddler went looking for some outdoor amusement and there is was; Wesburn Park. A babbling brook with little bridge, mini community center (and I mean mini), wading pool, and a swell playground; just sitting there waiting for us with not another soul in sight.

Let the playing commence! Everyone took part in the playground festivities, which were a hoot! Even my Aunt, who’s in her 70’s, was going down the slide and jumping on the swings (Just so you know, Auntie looks at least 15 years  younger than her actual age, I hope I get some of those genes…hi AC, I know you’re reading this…lol).

There are 2 structures to play on, one for older kids and one for toddlers. Plus a car and horse that you can jump onto and ride via the “spring action” support. The yellow plastic tunnel was a big hit with our little guy, as was the slide.

This park is fun. We will definitely go back. I’d especially like to visit when the wading pool is open.

Wesburn Park Wading Pool & Park
Location: Moscrop & Patterson
Pool opens: July 2
M/T/Th/F 12noon-4pm
W 1-7pm

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