Jun 042010


Have you ever wanted to knock on the door of a complete stranger and give them a big kiss?

No? Well, the urge hit me just last week. There’s a house right on Dunbar near the Dunbar Community Centre on the same side of the street (1 house in from Dunbar and 31st Avenue). I’ve walked by this house many times (in a hurry and self absorbed no doubt) and never noticed that there is something wonderful about it.

Last week, while walking by this house, a child of about eight appeared out of nowhere, ran in front of me, and pushed a button on the home’s gate. He had a grin on his face, peered over the fence, then turned and ran away. Once I reached the same spot on the fence, I stopped and peered over.

I don’t know who or why or even how, but what I do know is that that someone has built a model train (with large landscaped tunnel) into their front yard. The structure is detailed and built to last. The best part is that they’ve rigged  a start button for the train into their gate. How cool is that? I love this person. They are quietly creative and generous; sharing something wonderful with the neighbourhood.

I stood there a long time taking it all in before I sprung into action. I unsnapped Caden’s stroller harness, got him onto his feet, and we peered over the top of the gate. I motioned him to press the button (is there anything a toddler loves more….not really). The train started up. Caden squealed, pointed and beamed as we watched it chug around the track and through the tunnel. We presssed the button a few more times before moving on to the Kokopelli Cafe.

What a wonderful surprise and special memory. Thanks, “who ever you are”…this one’s for you….SMACK!

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