Jul 302010

I know, I know…it’s as if I disappeared off the face of the earth.

Yes, I’ve been focusing my limited late-night energy elsewhere. I feel so guilty telling you this. YOU–loyal and dedicated–waiting patiently for my call while I cheat on you and stare lovingly at another.

Put another way…I’ve been setting up a store on Etsy to sell my jewelry. Yep, behind schedule and only 65% there after a month. I’ll be sure to keep you posted, as I inch my way towards launch day.

I really missed my blog. I have so much to say. There were the wildly successful boob cupcakes, the photo shoot, new parks, numerous trips to the play palace plus a few primo rants that you missed.Tomorrow is my “day off’ (Grandma has Caden in the afternoon). You know, “my day off “,the day I can clean and grocery shop and cook…yah that’s it. Bitterness aside… tomorrow, I write “like the wind”.

It’s odd, I haven’t been here in about a month but I still managed to get a heap of hits? Do you know what this means?

“You like me, you really like me”…go figure…keep those cards and letters coming folks…it’s the only thing keeping me going once 2:00am hits and I’ve eaten all the chocolate baking squares (you think I’m kidding).

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