Mar 122010

I say, “Why not”?


Personally, I wanted something a little different for my shower. A theme that lent itself to great food, drinks and decorations. I was determined to throw a party that made my guests feel at home and above all entertained. Nothing is worse than going to a party where you don’t know anyone, you’re bored out of your skull, the food sucks and you have to bring a gift to boot. What kind of hell is that? I tried to make this event as much about the guests as it was about me (if that was possible, I was huge and stood out like a sore thumb).

Happily, I became a project manager, foreman, and creative director for this soiree. I was a militant organizer which is probably because I didn’t have a wedding shower when I got married. At the time, I said it didn’t bother me but I think it must have. When I got married everything was so stressful that nothing was fun. I told the organizers to relax, forget it and that no shower was necessary.

This time it was different. I took charge and loved planning every detail of my baby shower. I delegated and people jumped on board. The details were intoxicating from the tiny plastic babies frozen dead center in the ice cubes to the name tags I produced using everyone’s Hawaiian names.

If you ever want to hold a Blue Hawaiian (or Pink Hawaiian, for that matter) baby shower, let me give you a head start. The next few postings will describe the food, games and drinks that I used for mine. Hopefully, this will help to fast track your planning.

Here’s a spreadsheet that contains a breakdown of event-related tasks.

Whatever you do (theme or no theme) relax, enjoy the moment and have a great shower.