May 022010

I did it!

I braved the throngs of hyperactive toddlers attending Playhouse Disney’s Mighty Mighty Mall Tour featuring “Wow! Wow! Wuzzby!”.

My family arrived at Coquitlam Centre at 11:15 in time to see Wuzzby do a few stiff dance moves on stage while a middle-aged woman sang a few songs. (I have no idea who this guy is…he reminds me of Kraft Dinner, if  Kraft Dinner was animated). There were about 50 people there (kids and parents). The morning show was definitely the best time to get there, is seemed very quiet.

Although the piece of macaroni dancing on the stage was cute, we turned our attention from the mini stage to the coloring stations. Each of us sat in tiny chairs at tiny tables and coloured a placemat featuring images of Handy Manny, on one side, and Mickey and Friends, on the other. Once colored to our specifications, we lined up to get our beautiful customized placemat laminated. How cool was that? Plus, everyone was given a free DVD containing 5 full episodes from Playhouse Disney and a sheet of stickers….JACKPOT!

Playhouse Disney put on a very cute promotional tour.  Volunteers were everywhere wearing green tees helping the kids and talking to them about their favorite characters while they colored. Posters encouraged us to check out Playhouse Disney on  Facebook.  Kids watched the shows and seemed to have a great time at no expense. It was a simple,well-organized event.

Best of all, I got to fit in a little shopping! On my rounds, I walked by Jack Grunsky in concert and I swear there were  more parents bopping along to the music than kids…that was funny….ahhhhh, my fellow parents, what has become of us.

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