Apr 122010

Just kidding…I think?

This Saturday, April 17 the theatrical production of Franklin and the Adventures of the Noble Knights hits The Centre For Performing Arts in Vancouver.¬†This musical adventure follows Franklin on a quest to recover the lost “Golden Necklace” of Princess Harriet.

As many of you know (all too well), Franklin is a turtle that stars in his very own cartoon on Treehouse. Awww, our beloved Treehouse (and the Disney Channel for that matter).  Never, say never to television as one day you too may need to take a shower after 3 days. It can be a lifesaver.

By all accounts this will be a good show. Personally, I never understood the appeal of this little reptile but then again I’m not watching Franklin through the eyes of a 19 month old boy. Caden LOVES Franklin. It’s as if they speak the same language. Caden’s first major word (after MaaaaMaa and DahDah) was, of all things……”TUR-TLE”. Huh, what happened to “ball” or “car”….nope, it was turtle.

It’s unfortunate that my “little one” can’t stay still for more that 5 seconds so no theatre experience for us this year. Hopefully, Franklin makes his triumphant return next year. If he does, we’ll be the first in line.

Franklin and the Adventures of the Noble Knights
(90-minute Live Theatrical Production)
Saturday, April 17
The Centre In Vancouver For Performing Arts
Vancouver, BC

Showtimes: 1:00pm and 4:00pm
Tickets: $29.25 each

Koba Entertainment (For more information of the show and to view a video clip)
Ticketmaster (To buy tickets and read reviews)

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