Apr 242010

Yesterday at noon, we hit the first day of Kerrisdale Carnival Days. Auntie Clare, me and my little guy walked or shall I say strolled through the streets of Kerrisdale taking in the sites. Many of the stores had tables outside their stores, (which is fantastic when you have a stroller). We leisurely walked and shopped without having to navigate through tight, crowded aisles.

We saw street musicians, face painters and a clown making balloon animals. All entertaining but a bit beyond Caden (I’m sure he would have tried to eat a balloon animal to a catastrophic end). One thing made his face light up “over and over” and that was balloons, balloons and MORE BALLOONS. There were random bunches lining the streets at tables and doorways. Every time he spotted a new bunch, his hands would point desperately and his legs would kick frantically (not to mention the shrill squeal that was heard up and down the block). I seriously thought the poor kid was going to have a heart attack with all the excitement.

We spent an enjoyable hour and a half walking the streets and grabbing a little lunch. Even though the majority of the activities (parade, contests, musicians, play palace, inflatable slide etc…) happen on Saturday, I recommend going on Friday if you have small kids with even smaller attention spans. There were less people and the line-ups at the face painter and balloon animal “artist” were only 4 kiddies deep. Sweet!

Kerrisdale Carnival Days are on this Friday, April 23 and Saturday, April 24. Highlights include:

  • Community Parade with Marching Band
    Saturday at 10am
  • Horse and Carriage rides
    Saturday starting at 11:00am
  • Pooch poetry contest
    Saturday at 12 noon


Kerrisdale Village

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