Mar 172010
Have I got a list of shower games for you!
 How Many Q-Tips Guessing Game My Water Broke Game Baby Food Tasting Game Guess What's in the Dirty Diaper Game
This list was compiled by Miss Caroline, who helped me with the planning and took on the role of  MC. She may be little but she’s “oh-so mighty”; this girl knows how to keep a party moving.
Games are a critical part of every shower. They set the tone and help strangers bond. These games helped minimize the uncomfortable small talk and really got the party going. (Yes, even a hen party like this one…lol)

The games I used were:

  1. Find Your Baby or Mommy
    – A great “ice breaker” once people arrive.
  2. Never say “Baby”
    – A games that runs the length of the party. I was surprised how aggressive some people got
    with this one.
  3. Guess Mom’s Tummy Size
    – Hilarious and very humbling.
  4. Guess How Many Q-Tips
    – A game that sits out for the length of the party. Shy people tend to gravitate towards this type of game.
  5. My Water Broke
    – It’s like watching paint dry, only in this case….ice melt…definitely a conversation piece.
  6. Guess The Baby Food Flavours
    – A great game. Be sure to buy a few odd and disgusting flavors, plus lots of wooden dollar store spoons (no double dipping).
  7. Pass the Dirty Diaper
    – The highlight of the afternoon. Be sure to take pictures of this one. The serious, thoughtful looks that participants give the dirty diapers are hysterical.

The PDF below contains a description of these games (plus a few more) to help you with your party planning:

Instructions: Baby Shower Games