Jun 202010

As far as cute, little community events go; the Point Grey Fiesta was a blast.

My 22 month old loved the parade, goodies and rides. The motorcycle display put on by the Vancouver Police Department’s Motorcycle Drill Team sent him over the moon. Everytime they roared by, he would sign, “more, more” furiously. Everyone around us seemed to be in a stellar mood. Even the shoe repair man across the street in his apron was cheering away. This event is full of warm fuzzies (as a friend put it, “shiny, happy people”).

The parade is fun and casual with lots of things given to the kids like candy, stickers, balloons, hats etc… The atmosphere is busy but not crowded which is good for small children.

Parade Highlights:

Most unusual thing: St Helen’s church had a man dressed in monk robes carrying their flag on roller blades. He literally floated down the street.

Most adorable thing: A 6 year old boy dressed like a pirate riding his bike which was decorated like a pirate ship.

Most counterproductive thing: Women from Curves handing out candy.

The rides and midway assembled at Trimble Park were also a lot of fun. Yes, the rides were pricey but hey, it’s once a year thing. Tickets were a buck a piece and the toddler rides were 3 tickets. For me, it was worth every penny to see Caden on his first amusement park rides. He loved the Merry-Go-Round, the Train and the Giant Strawberry that spun like a Teacup.

There were rides for bigger kids like the Octopus and Salt ‘n Pepper Shakers to name a few. Definitely something to make everyone feel woozy.

If you don’t feel like forking out the cash, you can spend your time at the playground and wading pool at the far end of the park.  There’s lots of fun to be had there for the little ones.

If you’re at Trimble park around lunch time, just know that the food is expensive and limited so bring your own picnic or grab something on 10th Avenue. There’s a Tim Horton’s about 2 blocks away.

We’ll definitely return next year, hopefully by then Caden can ride the “Go Go Gater” Mini Roller Coaster….wheeeeee!

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Jun 172010

I have 5 minutes before I “hit the hay” and I really wanted to get this out there.

This weekend, I’m attending the Point Grey Fiesta. It’s a community gathering with events spanning three days (June 18th – 20th).

A girlfriend of mine told me the Fiesta is  “…a lot of fun, full of shiny, happy people”. Hmmmm….with a glowing (or should I say shiny) review like that, how can I say no.

The epicenter of this intriguing event is Trimble Park, where a variety of carnival rides will magically appear for 3 days. Carnival rides in the center of the city? That sounds like a cute, old fashioned, small town fair to me (which I love). To check out the rides head to Trimble park Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday at the times specified below. You can purchase early-bird tickets from West 10th merchants or purchase regular ride tickets on the day.

Fiesta Friday Afternoon
After School Carnival rides and midway games from 15:00 – 21:00
Fiesta Saturday
Carnival rides from 11:00 – 21:00
Fiesta Sunday
Carnival rides from 12:00 – 17:00

This “start-of-summer celebration for the community” includes the following events so jot this down on your calendar:

Friday June 18
West 10th Avenue 18:00 On-street entertainment & outdoor cooking.
Trimble Park 15:00- 21:00 Carnival rides.
Saturday June 19
West 10th Avenue 09:15 Parade assembly on Blanca Street.
09:30 Decorated bike contest on Tolmie Street.
10:00 Parade starts.
All day – Sidewalk sale.
Trimble Park 11:30 Opening ceremonies.
11:00-17:00 Stage.
12:30 & 14:00 Royal City Rockets Dog Agility Show
West Point Grey Community Centre Day Camp
Silent Auction until 1500
Roving Musicians
11:00- 21:00 Carnival.
Sunday June 20
Trimble Park 11:00 – 12:00 Worship in the Park
12:00 –17:00 Carnival rides


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