May 152010

This was my second visit to the Kits Kids’ Swap and I must say, there’s good stuff to be had there. A kids’ swap, for those that don’t know, is a place to buy cheap, second-hand toys and kids clothes (sold by Mommies and Daddies). I actually intend to sell excess clothes and toys via a swap in the next 6 months. Tables are $15. Even though I won’t get rich, it will help me support my latte habit (plus think of the closet space I could free up….yeeHA!)

Swaps are held in the gym (the entrance closest to 12th avenue) and entry fee was 50¢. The gym isn’t very big and gets overcrowded quickly. I try to leave my toddler with Grandma or Daddy so I can move quickly. Lots of people bring their kids, babies and strollers which makes it difficult to move so I suggest getting there early, doing the rounds and getting out with your sanity intact.

Most of my best finds were lying under the tables. So, don’t forget to look underneath the tables and be prepared to dig through a few boxes. This trip resulted in a couple books, 1 Elmo (and it was a Gund too!), 4 toy cars, a Fisher Price Little People Train, a Fisher Price Little People Jungle Set, and a brand new Mickey Mouse baseball cap. Caden’s response was better than the one we got at Christmas (Hurray for Mommy!).

There are some smok’in good deals to be found at these sales. So why would you buy new, when your kids wear their clothes and play with their toys for such a short time….right Elmo?

Kitsilano Community Centre
2690 Larch Street
Vancouver, BC

May 052010

Last Saturday, I attended the St George’s School Fair with my family and some friends. It was a last minute decision that resulted in some good deals and good fun.

If you’re thinking of attending next year, just know that parking is brutal for a 6 block radius and that your friends at Buster Towing are out in full force. Your best bet is to park on the other side of Dunbar (East of Dunbar around 29th) and walk in. The school suggests you park at their Senior School and hop on their shuttle bus. As we stood in line waiting for the gates to open, the line expanded down the street and around the corner (and these are long blocks).

Once inside, I made a B-line for the toys, only to wait in another line. The toy tent was like a shark tank at feeding time…a little frantic, with lots of people circling. There were good deals on small toys and cars, pick any 10 for only $2.

I managed to grab some fun stuff that my toddler just loves. This included a DJ Karaoke keyboard by VTech for $5, a Little Tikes car and gas pump for $23 and a plane with action figure by Fisher Price for $2. Plus, (as if that wasn’t enough) a car garage/car wash with lots of animated buttons by Little Tikes for $4.

When the shopping euphoria had subsided, I realized I’d been deserted by my friends and family so I had to schlep all this stuff over to the baggage check by myself. I’m sure I was a hilarious sight and a few Moms gave me a sympathetic nod. A big thank you goes out to the good samaritan that gave me a hand with the car the last couple of yards.

Next, I headed to the books and lined up there. Kids books were 4 for $5 (hardcovers). I bought 4 and a bunch of cookbooks for myself as a reward for waiting in all these lines.

At that point 2 hours elapsed and even though there was much more to see it was lunch time (to be followed by the ever important nap) and home was calling us. I usually like to saunter through the treasure trove, used clothes and jewelry but let’s face it; I’d done enough damage for one day (besides we couldn’t fit anymore in our car).

Next Saturday, I’m off to the Vancouver College Mayfair to see what can find. I should probably clean out the trunk this time.

St George’s School Fair – May 1, 2010
St. George’s Junior School
3851 West 29th Avenue
(29th & Wallace)
10:00am – 4:00pm

Vancouver College Mayfair – May 8, 2010
5400 Cartier Street, Vancouver, BC

May 042010

Our friends at Starbucks are holding another promotion…yeah!

Frappucinos are half price in the afternoon (3 – 5pm) on May 7 through to May 16 at participating Starbucks. The company is promoting their new customizable frapps and they invite you to create a new taste sensation, share it with your friends (via facebook etc…) and invite them to meet you at Starbucks. Ahhhh…ain’t marketing grand.

Regardless, I’ll be there enjoying a Mocha Light, Chocolate Chip, Cherry, Vanilla, Frappuccino with sprinkles on top. Can you do that? Why not, I’ll let you know how it goes.

p.s. Thanks for the heads up Miss Caroline!