May 302010


This morning, I visited Kokopelli Cafe (for the second time), grabbed a $2 latte, propped up my exhausted hubby in a chair, and let Caden loose in the play area. Finally, I was able to relax for a few moments while I watched Caden try to play with a little girl, who wanted nothing to do with him.

My hubby ordered a small but satisfying sandwich containing  turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce with a side salad for $7.95 and a 12 oz. blueberry smoothie.

While Caden struggled with rejection from the opposite sex, I thought back to my first visit to this establishment. It was a Friday afternoon (their busiest day) and the place was loaded with kids and parents. This time, I’d dragged my Aunt along for the adventure and we managed to nab the last table in this small establishment…whew!

After Caden was busy playing, I approached the gal at the counter for a chat. I asked her which of the baked goods was the most popular. She directed me to the cheese scones and the double dutch chocolate brownies. All their baked good are freshly made on site. My Aunt loved the scone which was good (for a scone) but let’s face it, a scone ain’t no brownie now is it (as you may have guessed, I ate most of that one).

I also ordered a blueberry smoothie for my son who is just learning to drink from a straw. It was really good but honestly, he was more interested in playing than drinking. The good news – more smoothie for me! It was yummy, fresh tasting and not too sweet.

I really like this place. It’s a great “re-fueling station”. Moms (or Dads) can take a few moments to chill (while their children play),  gulp down a $2 latte, get their second wind and race off again feeling a little more human.

Kokopelli Cafe
4593 Dunbar St
Vancouver, BC
Ph: 604-228-0818

May 042010

Our friends at Starbucks are holding another promotion…yeah!

Frappucinos are half price in the afternoon (3 – 5pm) on May 7 through to May 16 at participating Starbucks. The company is promoting their new customizable frapps and they invite you to create a new taste sensation, share it with your friends (via facebook etc…) and invite them to meet you at Starbucks. Ahhhh…ain’t marketing grand.

Regardless, I’ll be there enjoying a Mocha Light, Chocolate Chip, Cherry, Vanilla, Frappuccino with sprinkles on top. Can you do that? Why not, I’ll let you know how it goes.

p.s. Thanks for the heads up Miss Caroline!

Apr 222010

There’s no other way to say it… “The highlight of my day was a blueberry scone”.

A scone of all things. I’ve never really liked scones much. How could this be? Those large, dry, day-old tasting pastry rocks are usually choked down as a last minute space-filling device.

Today, I was heading to Granville Island for lunch with Caden. On the way, we stopped at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (I can’t seem to pass by a bakery without stopping; damn carbohydrate addiction). I love this place. The food is great; as are the pastries. Everything is made by the student on site so the selection varies. These people know what they’re doing. Heck, I even had my wedding cake made here.

Once inside, I quickly bought a croissant, a blueberry scone for Caden and a blueberry white chocolate bran muffin for me. Caden nibbled at the croissant and scone and was done. I, on the other hand, ate the rest of the croissant and devoured the remaining scone. It was so good. When I say good. I mean GOOD, as in really, really amazing.

The scone was “short”, crisp and sweet on the outside, while “melt in your mouth” soft and flaky on the inside. So good in fact that I went back to the cafe on my way home and asked the girl working there if I could take a picture of my beloved scones (just a  little something to remember them by). It seriously took all my willpower not to buy another one…today. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Today, I learned the power of the almighty pastry.

p.s. You may be wondering what happened to the bran muffin I bought. Well, I threw it into the freezer once I got home. After the other baked goods I ate today, even the white chocolate couldn’t entice me to eat the bran. I’ve decided to save it for a rainy day

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
1505 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3Y4  Canada

Tel: 604 734-4488